Ability to present in Spanish!

Todos los programas de Tomás Garza y La Iniciativa "Garza" están disponibles en español. Avance el poder de la conexión en su grupo. Comience su propia revolución. Contrate con Tomás hoy.

All programs for Tomás Garza and The Garza Initiative are available in Spanish. Advance the power of connection in your group. Start your own revolution.
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  • Keynotes and Breakout Sessions

    Enthrall your audience and impel them to ACTION.

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  • Workshops and Seminars

    Enlighten your group with straightforward, practical tips for personal development.

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  • One-on-one Life Coaching

    Remove all obstacles to well-being and happiness.

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Tomás Garza is a conflict resolution and personal development expert with over a dozen years of experience helping people erase pain, turmoil, and doubt from their lives.

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Start YOUR revolution today! Hire Tomás Garza for your next event! We've provided Mr. Garza's One Sheet as a PDF for your convenience. For additional questions, please email or call. Here's to YOU!

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"I thought this subject was going to be too complicated and over my head, but Tomás was able to simplify it in a way that was easy to understand and implement."

Cindy Wood
Owner, Cindy's Body Shop, Inc.

"Tomás has a lot of knowledge and experience in this topic. He was able to lead constructive discussions about conflict and still keep us on topic, effectively side-stepping open debates."

Brittany Donnell
KidCo-Head Start

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